M45120 LV ESCALE ONTHEGO GM LARGE TOTE oversize handbag is made of embossed leather to present the eye-catching enlargement of the classic Monogram pattern. The full leather embossed woven wrist lace ear is used as the shopping bag of a large mummy bag. The LV ESCALE ONTHEGO GM LARGE TOTE is decorated with street style elements under the top knitting handle. Plenty of space and an inner pocket can easily store daily needs.

  M45120 LV ESCALE ONTHEGO GM LARGE TOTE can be understood as a large handbag with a large capacity and a lot of things. Photo albums, computers, wallets, passports, snacks and drinks, even shoes and clothes that need to be changed during sports can be stored.

For example,M45121 LV ESCALE ONTHEGO GM LARGE TOTE,M45120 LV ESCALE ONTHEGO GM LARGE TOTE,many of the fabrics of Escale will be used to express their own style after they are used to dye their shoulders in summer. The shoulder strap and handle provide plenty of space for daily use. A tote bag is a kind of bag with a large capacity. It has a large opening and small handle, which is similar to a shopping bag.