If someone asks me which top brand's bag is the best. I must answer without hesitation, LV. Yes, that's the LV with people carrying it all over the street.

Never discount

People who like top brand's bag know that LV never offers discounts and promotions. No matter which country you go to or which LV store you go to, you won't see the words of discount promotion. For consumers, never discounting is like a "reassurance", which will make them have no worries when buying LV bags. Because they know that LV will never reduce its price in a few days, and it is profitable to buy it early.


When many girls mention LV, they think of old patterns, styles with little sense of design, and feel older than ten years when they go out behind their backs. If you think like this, it means you don't know LV yet. In addition to the well-known dark brown, blue, pink, orange, black, and white are also indispensable parts of the LV world.

Diverse styles

In addition to gorgeous colors, LV also has many eye-catching designs in style. Designers often recreate old flowers, giving people a brand-new visual experience.

Excellent quality

As we all know, the quality of LV bags is one of the best in the luxury goods industry. LV is very particular about the selection of leather materials, and it uses top-class leather, which will never be shoddy. However, the price of LV is expensive, and no one wants to when they go out. They are afraid that the bag will be scratched or caught off the line. This experience is very poor, after all, bags are bought for carrying, not for supporting. Now you have the second choice, you can easily own LV bags with very little money, that is, buy replica LV that made by the 1:1 genuine standard