Our order reunification default delivery by DHL. (If delivery address DHL can not be reached, we will use FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS and other fastest delivery methods).

Customer orders over $ 100, we will provide free delivery by DHL. If the order is not full 100 dollars, the customer needs to pay the corresponding postage.

When you complete the order payment, you do not need to pay any other fees. Our order is “one-stop” clearance, do
not need to pay any taxes, customs clearance fees.

Please fill in the correct and effective delivery address and telephone number on your order. This is very important, it is related to your order package on time and correctly delivered to your hands.

If the customer fill in the address, phone invalid so that order package can not be delivered or the package is lost, we will not be responsible.

What effective delivery information should be provided by customers?
Receive the address of the order package, including: street, city, zip code, country. Recipient name, phone number.

Please rest assured that fill in your basic information, our site is a trusted site of Google your information will not be sold, leaked. And these are courier must fill in the information.

If you have any questions, please Contact US: !