1. When will I receive my items after I place an order?

There are two key factors that will decide when you will receive your items. 1) Shipping Method: Delivery time varies with shipping method. For example: DHL, UPS and Fedex takes 5-10 days while EMS takes 5-15 days. Time in transit varies depending on where you're located and where your package is coming from. 2)Item Processing Time: There are different processing times for different items. Average processing time is 3 to 8 working days; however, this varies with according to the item's stock status.

2. Do you ship the item to my country?

Yes, we shipping all over the world.

3. Why i have not received a tracking number after few days??

We are usually use DHL shipping. When we send your items, we will email you tracking number. Allows you to track your cargo transportation situation at any time. If you have not received tracking number, it do not meant that your package had not sent out. Because sometimes the email goes to the The Spam/Junk Folder or rejected by SPAM filter, you can contact us by your email directly to Avoid Spam Filters.

4.How do I calculate shipping cost?

Free shipping on order over $100, order less than $100 plus $29 shipping.

5. If custom duties are incurred, who is responsible?

All products are free of custom, please rest assured!

6. How can I tell if my items have been shipped or not?

When items shipped out, the order will be filled into folder "Delivered" in your account. You can either click the order number or click "View Detail"to find the track code on the tab "Tracking". Also, website will send you a system email and inform the shipping details after the shipment. You can track the item delivery status online with the tracking code provided by the seller.

7. What could cause an invalid tracking code?

Invalid tracking numbers could be due to: 1) The shipping company hasn't updated the recent delivery information to their website. 2) The tracking code was not correct, please contact us to get a new tracking number. 3) The parcel has been delivered a long time ago. Some shipping companies will remove the tracking code history. So, the tracking
information normally appears after 1-2 days. If you cannot find a tracking number after a long time or the seller has not responded to your email, you can ask customer service. thanks!

8.I have a problem to track my package, can you help me?

A: 1). The tracking site updated the status, but it does not seem to be moving. It meant that your package is still on the way to you, the post office is dispatching your package. There may be several days between scans if the shipment is going cross-country or moving between countries. 2). If your order tracking number shows no found(No tracking information for the shipment, or overdue tracking), we sent the package to the mail office agent, it take few days to come up the status. But if it can not update the status after 7 days, please feel free to contact our service representative to get a new tracking number. Because the post office may replace it to a new tracking number, or other problems, such as delay, package lost, our sales representative will help you to solve it.